DPS trooper arrested on multiple criminal charges

PHOENIX — A DPS trooper has been arrested and faces 61 counts of sex abuse, kidnapping and fraud.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, 43-year-old Tremaine Jackson was put on leave in June after a complaint that he sexually assaulted a woman during a traffic stop.

During a DPS investigation, several other victims were discovered.

It is believed Jackson held several victims hostage when they were not facing criminal charges. So far eight victims have come forward.

Jackson has been arrested and faces 61 charges related to sex abuse, attempted sex abuse, kidnapping, fraud and tampering with public records.

DPS Colonel Frank Milstead says Jackson was using his position with the agency to bargain “leniency for favor.”

“Most of us are parents or have loved ones who are female,” Milstead said. “And to think that under the color of authority the trust the public places on the shoulders of law enforcement is betrayed by a single trooper that tarnishes a reputation of an agency or profession and victimizes women on a traffic stop is horrifying.”

Jackson was with DPS for 13 years.

DPS says they are still searching for additional victims, so details are limited at this time.

Jackson has been terminated from his position, according to DPS.

DPS says anyone that believes they had an encounter with Jackson that was not appropriate, should

fill out this form online.